Hi (again), I'm Jessika!

I could write this whole section in third person, but I prefer to be a little more personable - since this website is for my sole proprietor business (which means I'm the only person behind this business - I don't have a staff or a team that works for Jessika Digital, I do it all).

I created Jessika Digital back in 2016, but I've been making graphics and coding websites since around 2002 (yeah, I was a child). Over the years I have had friends, family, and friends-of-friends reach out to me to make digital creations (websites, logos, videos, or digital artwork). It was always a hobby of mine, and after leaving the traditional workforce when I had my first child, I decided to create a little hobby business.

Now, over time, that little hobby business grew into what it is now: a business based around the skills, services, professionalism, and expertise that I provide for businesses and individuals.

I'm a mother of two young children, a theatre-lover (with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree), a wife, a member of the LGBTQ community, and so much more. I am a driven, silly (but professional), efficent, tech-savvy, multi-skilled, resourseful, organized, versatile, reliable, creative person -- and I have no shame in who I am.

I work with all sorts of companies and individuals; however, there are specific groups and topics that just vibe well with me.

I enjoy the following subject matters:

  • theatre (fine arts), body-positivity or neutrality (HAES, Anti-Diet Culture), mental health (trauma-informed care), neurodiversity, music, respectful (authoritative) parenting, environmentalism, innovation, diversity, representation, LGBTQ+, progressivism, feminism, and human rights.

I vibe well with:

  • creatives, venues, influencers, podcasters, youtubers, photographers, authors, coaches, small-business owners, and other respectful and down-to-earth humans.

an image of Jessika Clarke standing in black dress with colourful blotches

* I have the right to decline working with anyone. I specifically will not work with companies that are promoting diet culture, anti-LGBTQ+, right-wing ideologies, unfactual information, or other topics I deem out of alignment with my values.