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Hi, I'm Jessika! I am the owner, and artist, behind Jessika Digital. I am a work-from-home mom of two young kids. Most of the work that I do is "Virtual Assistance" work - which basically means I do a bunch of assistant and administrative work for businesess, but I do it virtually/online. I am local to St Albert, Alberta, but I can create graphics and designs for anyone, anywhere. I created Jessika Digital after years of family and friends (and then friends of friends) asking me to make them graphic designs, websites, video clips, and other digital creations. This website and design is in need of an update, but it's gonna have to stay like this for awhile. Please feel free to explore a collection of my work below, (or view my portfolio by clicking here), and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

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Services & Pricing

Prices vary depending on the depth of work and time it will take me to complete the task. I do not charge for consultations or sketches... which means, if you don’t like my ideas, you don’t have to work with me. For more detailed and accurate pricing, contact me.


Creative Works

Here a sample of some of my work. Click the purple buttons below to sort by type of creations. For more details, and to see my design costs, scroll down (or click this link - > ) to the Services & Pricing section. You can also visit my portfolio here.


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If you want me to design something for you, or if you have any questions - do not hesitate to contact me. I do not charge for consultations. If you do not like my ideas, I will not pressure you to work with me. I keep an open conversation with people when I work with them. Click on the links below to contact me, or connect with me instantly (through facebook messenger) by clicking the chat circle in the bottom right corner!